Need Lights in Your New Building?

Need Lights in Your New Building?

We offer lighting installation services & commercial lighting installations in Nashville, TN

Getting lighting installation work lined up is an important step during new construction. If you need residential or commercial lighting installations, contact Lights Out Electric in Nashville, TN today.

Our residential and commercial services include:

  • Wiring, lighting and power
  • Panel installation and upgrades
  • HVAC hookups

We can handle residential and commercial lighting installation, but we focus primarily on commercial services. Call today to discuss the services you need in the Nashville, TN area.

Why contact us?

Getting reliable lighting installation work done at your new facility can be a headache. Luckily, Lights Out Electric is here to help. We can set up virtual and in-person consultations. This way you can feel comfortable speaking with us about any lighting services you may need. We also provide pricing, time estimates and setup services so you'll never have to guess about when your project will be finished or how much it will cost.

Email us today to learn more about our commercial lighting installations.